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    Early grape harvest gets going in Sonoma County

    The early wine grape harvest continues this year along the North Coast as Sonoma County vintners have started picking fruit to be used for sparkling wine. The first growers in the county started picking July 29, when nearly 18 tons of pinot noir grapes were harvested from Vineyard Eleven in the Russian River Valley. The 

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    Interview: Ron Junge, Brown Derby Stores

    Brown Derby Stores is among the stars of U.S. liquor retailing, operating 18 locations in its market of Springfield, Missouri, and posting sales of $30 million last year, including a robust online business. Brown Derby was once among the foremost retailers of high-end Bordeaux and cult Cabernet Sauvignon from California, but times have changed, and owner Ron Junge has been successfully accommodating the shift in tastes and buying patterns. Junge recently spoke with SND about those trends.
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    Insights: The increasing commonality of prestige Champagne

    For decades, Champagne prestige cuvées have been marketed as a wafer thin slice of an enormous pie; rarified, glamorous and naturally, far more expensive than an everyday NV bubbly. Or at least, this is what I was led to believe, both from my collection of wine literature and from my many visits to this venerable 

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I’ve watched Michael in action for over 30 years and have always been impressed by his understanding of the marketplace and the alternative approaches for marketing and distribution of wines and spirits. No cookie cutter approaches for Michael…he understands that each brand needs to stand alone and has the know how to formulate the proper program for each product.
Charles Palombini
President (Retired) Kobrand Wine & Spirits