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    Italian Table Wine Volume Declines In U.S., But Leading Players Perform Well

    Italy remained the U.S. wine market’s import leader last year, shipping a total of 27.2 million nine-liter cases of table wine. But that performance represented a 1.3% drop from the previous year and the third straight year of decline. On the positive side, the category is tracking with the overall market in showing strength at the high end, and most of Italy’s most prominent players are in growth mode.
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    An antiquated alcohol law needs revision

    Eight decades after the repeal of Prohibition, California’s protectionist laws regulating alcohol sales need to a vast overhaul. One outdated aspect of the antiquated “tied-house laws” came into focus last month, when an Assembly committee, encouraged by the liquor lobby, bottled up a simple bill that sought to loosen the 1935-vintage statute ever so slightly.
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    How Natural Wine Lost Its Hippie Reputation and Became a Wine-List Must-Have

    For LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, a fascination with natural wine began after drinking a bottle of Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Bianco 3. As he told the Times this week, it “was just so crazy … In my memory there were leaves and twigs floating in it … It was absolutely mind-blowing.”

Our special thanks to Mr. Michael Yurch and his Bluest Sky Group for the wonderful job they did on the Vinkara USA project. We appreciate the information and advice you have provided during the process of finding the right importer/distributer for our wines in America. On behalf of the Vinkara winery I express genuine thanks for all your professional support.
Ardic Gursel
Vinkara Winery